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With the development of the times, advances in science and technology, and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the fields of application of bio-chemicals continue to expand and expand. With this, large-scale, modern, and automated industrial production of medical supplies will follow. The valve is a modern pharmaceutical plant fermentation workshop used to cut off or communicate steam, water, media, air and other fluids, regulate the flow of fluids, control the pressure in the pipeline or container indispensable control fittings.

Case presentation

Annual Production of 600,000 Tons of Corn Starch/Annual Production of 100,000 Tons of Fructose Project/Annual Production of 50,000 Tons of Glutamate/Vitamin Project/Citric Acid Project/Alcohol Project/Cassava Ethanol Project
Yihai grain and oil
Annual output of 600,000 tons corn starch project / 100,000 tons fructose project
Annual production of 600,000 tons of corn starch
Annually produce 1 million tons of corn starch
Qiqihar Longjiang Yifeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Environmental protection, threonine workshop self-controlled valve procurement project
Guangdong Zhongke Tanyuan New Energy S&TCo.,Ltd.
Hongzhan Nissan 500-ton anhydrous alcohol plant project
Biopharmaceutical Project
Jiangsu Brothers Vitamin Co., Ltd.
Annual output of 3,500 tons of α-acetyl-γ-butyrolactone, 1000 tons of β-alanine acid project